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Caliber Homes partners with the Danielle Seifert Real Estate Professionals Group to provide lots for our home sites. Additional developments are in the planning stages, but lots are currently available in neighborhoods including Harvest Ridge, Prairie Trail and Polk City.

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About Caliber Homes

Caliber Homes is a recognized name in metro home building and real estate. The firm specializes land development, new construction, custom home building and real estate brokerage. Founded in 2010, this premier developer selects the most compelling areas and builds neighborhoods using innovative and in-demand designs.


The ins and outs of the home building or buying journey are second nature to Danielle Seifert. An exclusive agent for Caliber Homes, Danielle methodically and thoughtfully helps clients navigate their unique experience.

Building a home requires managing a lot of moving pieces. From design to picking the right partners to technical execution, Danielle and her experienced team handle home construction projects with expertise and ease, making your home building memories as fond as the memories you’ll create in your new home.



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